Jin Tries Using BTS’s Light Stick To Catch Fish On “Law Of The Jungle”

After lighting up the night with BTS’s official light sticks in last week’s episode of “Law of the Jungle,” Jin found another use for them in the latest episode!

January 13’s episode of the celebrity survival show is the second of the new season, and follows the cast as they continue to try to survive 24 hours on a raft in the middle of the ocean. For the trip, Jin brought miniature BTS light sticks (also known as ARMY Bombs) for each of the cast members as well as one regular-sized light stick, and they all strung them up on the raft to help as they dove for fish and squid during the night.

The next morning, Jin needed something to use to make a fishing rod. He had been unable to catch any squid the night before with a net, and seemed determined to show off his fishing skills. Naturally, he wound wire around his ARMY Bomb to make a rod, and used their squid from the night before as bait!

jin law of the jungle 1

When asked by a crew member if he knew how to fish, Jin replied, “I’ve done it before! I’ve gone to the sea with my family while on vacation.”

jin law of the jungle 2

As he sat at the edge of the raft with his ARMY Bomb rod, Jin seemed pleased with his invention and commented, “ARMY Bombs are really useful!”

jin law of the jungle 4

The others were skeptical at first that Jin would be able to catch anything, although they supported him as he tried. Jin waited a long time for a fish to bite, and eventually was ready to pack it in. But as he reeled the line back in to give up on his attempt, he brought up a fish – impressing everyone else!

jin law of the jungle 5

Jin was thrilled by his fishing success, and announced to the camera, “I feel great! This is the kind of person I am. I’m strangers with squid, but I have a connection with fish.”

He later managed to catch an even bigger fish with his ARMY Bomb rod!

jin law of the jungle 6

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