Watch: BTS’s Jin Shows Impressive And Hilarious Diving Skills On “Law Of The Jungle”

BTS’s Jin is proving to have great variety skills!

On the January 13 episode of SBS’s “Law of the Jungle,” the cast members hold an impromptu diving competition in order to decide who gets to drink water.

Sleepy tried to incorporate some b-boy moves but ended up sliding as he dived into the water. As for BTS’s Jin, he provided further laughs as he commented, “My goal is to show my good-looking face as I run [and dive].”

Jin also managed to spin three times before diving. In the end, Jin won and got a gulp of precious water. In his celebratory dive, Jin tried to tumble but ended up diving head on like a rock.

Watch some of his diving below!

BTS’s Jin also tried to use a BTS light stick to catch fish!

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