Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Talks About Comeback, Members’ Closeness, And Acting Career

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri recently did a photo shoot and interview with Grazia where she talked about Girl’s Day members and reflected on her past dramas.

It’s been a while since Girl’s Day has promoted, and Hyeri agreed, “Our hiatus has been way too long since we released our second studio album in 2015. Hundreds and thousands of songs come to us but it’s hard to find songs that match Girl’s Day, which is why [our comeback] has been delayed. All of the members have this pressure to satisfy the fans as much as we’ve rested. But we do still feel sorry towards our fans since we know what it’s like to wait.”

Girl's Day Hyeri Grazia2

There’s a “7-year curse” for idol groups, where they end up disbanding or changing after that much time has passed. About this, Hyeri assured, “The members and I talk a lot about this topic. There won’t be a case where we’ll fight and disband.”

Hyeri also talked about her dramas “Reply 1988” and “Entertainer.” About “Reply 1998,” Hyeri said, “I started loving it more and more as time passed. I was able to meet great people thanks to this awesome drama and learned many things. When I see it on TV doing re-runs from time to time, I think, “Wow, I did that!’ and become proud of myself.”

Girl's Day Hyeri Grazia3

Moving on to “Entertainer,” Hyeri said, “I’m sad about it. It’s all excuses, but I think I was too hasty. My character Geu Rin had a certain color of hers but I kept trying to put a bright color on her, which twisted the relationship between me and my character. It’s my fault that I went on to another drama without being fully prepared. But I was able to meet good people through ‘Entertainer.’ I learned a lot of things from Ji Sung and Chae Jung An. I even meet my other co-actors once every two weeks to chat.”

To see more of Hyeri’s photos and interview, check out Grazia’s January issue and its official website.

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