EXO Writes History + Wins Disc Daesang At The 31st Golden Disc Awards For 4th Time

On January 14, EXO was awarded the Disc Daesang (Grand Prize, Album of the Year) at the 31st Golden Disc Awards.

This will be the group’s fourth consecutive year of taking home this award, making them the first artist in the ceremony’s history to win Disc Daesang four times, and in a row. In 2016, EXO released their third full album “EX’ACT,” followed by its repackaged album “Lotto,” and once again sold over 1 million copies. They also had many individual and unit promotions, such as Lay’s solo debut and EXO-CBX’s unit debut, before rounding out the year with their winter release. In just a little over six months, EXO managed to sell over 2.13 million physical albums of their 2016 releases.

During their speech, Suho said, “It was an honor in itself to stand on stage with all of our seniors and juniors at the Golden Disc Awards, but we’ve been honored with a huge award. Thank you to Lee Soo Man, who named us, our SM family, and everyone who helps us from behind the scenes. I sincerely thank our EXO-Ls…We’re already preparing for 2017, so please look forward to that. We are one! EXO, let’s love!”

The other members also thanked their fans, and promised to continue to work hard. As January 14 also happened to be his birthday, Kai expressed his happiness at receiving the “best present.”

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Congratulations to EXO on this amazing achievement, and watch their encore ceremony below!

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