Apink’s Bomi Is Surprised By Her Driver’s License Test Result

On the recent episode of “We Got Married” on January 14, Apink’s Bomi took the driver’s license test, to not-so-wanted results.

In order to ace the test, Bomi studied diligently at home with the help of her virtual husband Choi Tae Joon. He explained the questions in an easy way so that she could understand better.

We Got Married4

Before taking the test, Bomi went through a preparation process which included watching an educational video and filling out a few forms.

We Got Married2

Finally, she took the written test but unfortunately received a 59, and missed the passing score by one point (60 to pass). When she checked her score, she was in utter shock, and said, “I thought I saw [the score] wrong.”

We Got Married3

She explained, “[The questions] were really easy. Even some questions that I solved with my husband appeared on the exam. I was really, really disappointed.”

Hopefully, she’ll succeed next time! Watch the whole episode below:

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