Sleepy Prepares Romantic Candle Event For Lee Guk Joo’s Birthday

On the recent broadcast of “We Got Married” on January 14, Sleepy prepared a sweet surprise for Lee Guk Joo’s birthday.

We Got Married Sleepy Lee Guk Joo 2

After arriving home earlier than her, he hid 32 roses all around the house, signifying her age. Then, the rapper made a little heart with candles and left a cute message outside for her. Right before she came in, he went inside the heart and waited with his head cradled in his hands.

We Got Married Sleepy Lee Guk Joo 3

When the comedienne arrived home and found a note on the door that said, “The password is your birthday,” she couldn’t help but smile.

We Got Married Sleepy Lee Guk Joo 6

She opened the door and Sleepy shouted, “Tada! Happy Birthday!”

Lee Guk Joo looked very happy and started bouncing with joy. Then she immediately worried about Sleepy, telling him, “You should get up. It’s pretty!”

We Got Married Sleepy Lee Guk Joo 4

Sleepy joked, “Does your heart hurt right now? Because your heart dropped.”

Lee Guk Joo also joked, “If I blow these candles out, does Gong Yoo appear?” and Sleepy said, “I’m your Gong Yoo.”

Later, Lee Guk Joo wrapped up the event by taking a few cute photos of Sleepy and thanking him.

We Got Married Sleepy Lee Guk Joo 5

Watch their adorable interactions in the full episode below!

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