Bada Talks About How Her Fellow S.E.S. Members Reacted To Her Upcoming Marriage

On January 14, Bada talked candidly about her upcoming marriage on KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly.”

The S.E.S. member started out by saying, “So many people have been congratulating me through messages and kind words. It was more than I had imagined, and I’m extremely grateful.”

When asked how her fellow group members reacted to her engagement, Bada replied, “Both of them have been preparing for me to deliver the news eventually. I’ve been keeping them updated since the beginning of my relationship.”

She continued, “Eugene has a calm personality so she quietly squealed, while Shoo said it was about time.”

The singer concluded by talking about her soon-to-be husband: “He’s a kind and cool person. He’s very sincere and a very special person to me.”

Bada will be getting married on March 23 at a cathedral in Seoul.

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