EXID’s Hani Talks About How Wearing High Heels Has Affected Her Body

EXID member Hani opened up about a difficult consequence that came from having to wear high heels all the time.

Hani and Rain were guests on the January 14 episode of the JTBC variety show “Ask Us Anything.” During the show, Hani asked the cast members to correctly guess her body complex.

Lee Sang Min guessed if her complex was that her shoulders were narrow, to which Hani sincerely thanked him. However, Kim Heechul then joked, “Her shoulders are broader than Rain’s.”

Kang Ho Dong continued guessing and successfully narrowed it down to her feet. Then an elaborate story about how Hani perhaps has a long hair on her big toe was created. But Hani gave another hint, saying that it is something she has in common with Min Kyung Hoon. The cast members then joked that it really must be about hairy toes.

Min Kyung Hoon

Rain then cautiously asked if it was an ingrown toenail. Although this could have been uncomfortable for a girl to talk about, Hani ended up confirming it as the correct answer.


Min Kyung Hoon then revealed that this is something that he also has, and Hani said that she remembered him mentioning it on a previous broadcast. Hani shared that since she has to continuously wear high heels, she suffers from an ingrown toe nail.

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