Rain Is Playfully Bombarded With Questions About Kim Tae Hee On “Ask Us Anything”

The January 14 episode of JTBC variety show “Ask Us Anything” welcomed Rain, who made a comeback for the first time in three years with “The Best Present.”

After giving an impressive performance of his new track, he asked the cast members to figure out what he does first thing after performing on music broadcasts.

Kim Heechul guessed that Rain calls his girlfriend, actress Kim Tae Hee, saying things like, “Did I do well? Honey?” Rain answered that he has never done that before. Kang Ho Dong immediately followed up with, “Have you really never had a secret code with her on a public broadcast?”

After repeated questioning from the cast members, Rain finally acquiesced, saying, “Of course I’ve done it [a secret code]. I’ve done it all,” laughing as he gave in to their curiosity.

However, the cast members weren’t done. They challenged him to a wrestling match and said that if he lost, he had to make a promise. Lee Soo Geun suggested, “If Rain loses, he has to guarantee that Kim Tae Hee will come on the show.”

Unfortunately, Rain said, “I don’t have any power. I have to be careful about these things. Give me a promise that I can actually keep!”

Rain Ask Us Anything

Rain also did not forget to talk about his new track, revealing the background story for the song. He revealed, “PSY called me at about three in the morning, saying that he made a track that matches well with me.”

When the cast members tried to bring up Kim Tae Hee, Rain joked, “Wait, the conversation is turning weird! We can’t forget about my new song.”

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