Interview: Soompi Awards Nominees KNK Talk Aliens, Pants, And Other Important Topics

KNK debuted in 2016, but they’ve been so popular on variety programs that sometimes I forget that they are still a rookie group. I was reminded, of course, by their nomination for “Rookie of the Year” in the 12th Annual Soompi Awards

To celebrate the nomination, Soompi spent some time with the group amidst their busy “U” promotions for a short interview.

The members definitely showed off their masterful variety skills – giving us answers that we’ve certainly never heard before. However, their answers also opened up more questions that we’d love to explore. For example: why does Heejun think that Pluto is pitiful? Do aliens also have idols? Which Harry Potter wand would Seungjun buy, given the chance? Does Inseong think there is more than one “New York”? If pants are the bane of their existence, how do their stylists plan outfits? And many more.

Catch their interview below (and let us know of any other pressing questions their answers generate for you), and then make sure you support them in their quest to win “Rookie of the Year”! In the interview they had but one wish: “Give me ‘Rookie of the Year’”!