Boy Group 5tion Gets Involved In A Car Accident On The Way To Concert

Boy group 5tion (pronounced “Ocean”) recently got into a car accident (warning: images of the car crash are down below) in Japan.

5tion was in Nagoya, Japan on January 14 to perform a concert. After finishing the event, the group was traveling to Osaka the next day in order to perform their next concert. But on the way, they got into a car accident due to the snow-covered road. At the time, the manager and the four 5tion members were traveling in the car.

5tion’s agency JT Corea Entertainment stated, “After the accident, they were immediately sent to a nearby hospital and are currently being examined to see the level of injuries. Since the members’ health comes first, we are trying to coordinate the Osaka concert.”

5tion 1


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