January Boy Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed the boy group brand reputation rankings for January 2017.

The ranking was based on the combined analysis of positive and negative comments, media attention, consumer interest, and traffic. BTS came in first with a total of 8,895,084 points, a 21.63 percent increase from last month’s 7,313,394 points.

EXO came in second place with 6,885,241 points, an 18.73 percent increase from last month’s 5,799,101 points, while SEVENTEEN came in third with 5,127,826 points, a 38.67 percent increase from last month’s 3,697,980 points.

The full list of rankings is as follows:

  1. BTS
  2. EXO
  5. BTOB
  6. Shinhwa
  8. VIXX
  9. BEAST
  10. SHINee
  11. Sechs Kies
  12. B1A4
  13. BLOCK B
  14. WINNER
  15. MONSTA X
  16. Super Junior
  17. B.A.P
  18. TVXQ
  19. JYJ
  20. 2PM
  21. ZE:A
  22. Teen Top
  23. 2AM

A source from the Korean Business Research Institute said, “Since November last year, [BTS, EXO, and SEVENTEEN] have been occupying the top three spots. BIGBANG and Shinhwa’s brand consumption also soared as both bands resumed activities in Korea.”

The source also added, “In analyzing link [results] for BTS, the words ‘cute,’ ‘interesting,’ and ‘handsome’ appeared most often, while ‘Golden Disk,’ ‘official shop,’ and ‘YouTube’ appeared most often in keyword results. When analyzing the ratio of positive to negative comments, [we found that] positive comments took up 71.21 percent.”

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