The Best 5 Moments From Park Bo Gum’s Seriously Sweet Fan Meeting in Jakarta

When Park Bo Gum says he’s going to do a fan meeting, he really does think all about his fans. During the press conference before his epic fan meet in Jakarta, the actor enthused “this is actually my first Asian Fan Meeting Tour, so I really spent a lot of time thinking about how I can get closer to fans during our time together. I really enjoy playing games together and I cherish the time I spend with fans – I hope I can meet every fans’ eyes and greet them!”

He also revealed the difference between meeting international fans and Korean fans: “Of course, language is a big difference. But regardless of the language we speak, I can always feel the fans’ enthusiasm. I am really thankful and I hope that I’ll be able to come back to meet Indonesian fans again.”

If you were one of the lucky fans to see Park Bo Gum in the person, please let us know your favorite parts of the fan meet as well!

1. Park Bo Gum shared unreleased photos of his short Jakarta tour.

The day before his fanmeet, Park Bo Gum had taken an evening tour of Jakarta. While fans, couldn’t join him on his mini-vacation, it seems that Park Bo Gum wanted to make sure they still felt included! He shared photos of his top moments for fans to enjoy – including photos of the his culinary-focused tour tasting local sate and durian.

2. Fans and Park Bo Gum chose favorite scenes from “Reply 1988” and “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.”

While it was, admittedly, hard to choose just one favorite scene from each, it was fun for everyone to hear the highlights of the drama.Park Bo Gum made the experience even more special by sharing behind-the-scenes stories from filming and his thoughts on the chosen scenes. He also shed some light onto how he reacted when he received the scripts for the scenes – usually in a very hilarious manner.

3. Park Bo Gum tasted Indonesian foods: Nasi Goreng Kambing & Soto Betawi.

Because Indonesia is home to many delicacies, there had to be food segment of his fan meet! Park Bo Gum was able to taste both foods and enjoyed them so much that he nearly finished them on stage!

4. Park Bo Gum read a self-written letter to Indonesian fans.

Because we are always ready for a good cry, Park Bo Gum had prepared a special, heartfelt letter for Indonesian fans thanking them for the unexpected love even though he never had any promotions in the country. He also expressed his wish to visit the country again. Please come back again soon!

5. Fans sang “Untukku” & “My Dearest” along with Park Bo Gum.

The actor ended the night with endearing performances of late Indonesian singer, Chrisye’s, “Untukku”, and his “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” OST “My Dearest” – with fans passionately singing along to accompany him playing the piano. There’s no better way to end an amazing night than with a uniting mini-concert!

Five moments contributed by Rizka Annisa for Soompi.