Jeon Somi And Student Who Aced His CSAT Cheer On Each Other On “Problematic Men”

On January 15, tvN’s “Problematic Men” introduced 2017 College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) top-notchers Kim Jae Kyung and Lee Young Rae as guests.

During the show, the two high school students who earned perfect scores on their CSAT shared that their stress-relieving methods include supporting their favorite singers.

problematic men

Kim Jae Kyung shared that attending BIGBANG’s concerts helps her de-stress. She stated, “The exam is extensive so it can be exhausting. I’m a BIGBANG fan so I went to their concert in the summer and watched movies with my family every weekend.”

Lee Young Rae also said that he persevered with I.O.I’s Jeon Somi as his inspiration. He revealed that he is a fully certified member of her fansite, and then recorded a video message for the singer.

jeon somi 2

Lee Young Rae was then surprised with a video call from Jeon Somi on the show. She shared that she knows about Lee Young Rae, who was unable to conceal his joy and affection for the singer.

When Jeon Somi praised Lee Young Rae for his achievement in the CSAT, Lee Young Rae remarked, “You’re even more amazing,” and cheered her on.

Showing the mutual support and inspiration they gain from each other, Jeon Somi responded, “I should go and work hard in JYP as well. Fighting!”

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