5tion Gives Update On Members’ Conditions After Car Accident

After being involved in a car crash on the way to their Japanese concert, 5tion (pronounced “Ocean”) has provided an update to let fans know that the four members are okay.

5tion took to social media to give their official statement in Japanese, which was also posted on member Marine’s Twitter account.

The post stated, “Today’s (January 15) Osaka performance went smoothly. Thank you to everyone who came, and we apologize for causing you concern.”

5tion also added, “We caused you a lot of concern, but [don’t worry because] we are all healthy. Please continue to support us in the future,” with a photo of all the members smiling and looking well.

It’s good to see that no one was seriously hurt in the accident, and we hope 5tion and their manager stay healthy and safe!

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