Ryu Jun Yeol Talks Fans And Haters, And Explains Why He Uses Social Media

Ryu Jun Yeol sat down for an interview with Star News on January 16 and revealed his gratitude towards both his fans and the haters.

He expressed, “If I’m not wrong, my fans like me because they feel a sense of kinship with me. I think they like the things I post on social media,” and added, “I learned early on that if there are people who like me, there are also people who don’t like me. But I’m thankful for both of them.”

Ryu Jun Yeol makes good use of social media to communicate with fans, but sometimes his extensive use of social media results in unintended controversies. “Some people tell me to quit using social media because of the controversies that surround me. But for me, social media is a window of communication with fans, so I don’t mind what people say,” the actor explained.

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun Yeol will be starring in the movie “The King” as the underboss of a gang. It is set to premiere on January 18.

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