Jackson Celebrates GOT7's 3rd Anniversary With Heartfelt Message To Fans

GOT7 is continuing to celebrate the anniversary of their debut by showing fans some love!

On January 16, officially three years since their 2014 debut, GOT7 member Jackson took to his personal Instagram account to express gratitude to all the fans who have continued to support them.

While the uploaded image itself is just a simple selfie, the caption couldn’t be more heartfelt, as Jackson wrote it in Korean, Chinese, and English to make sure he could reach out to as many fans as possible.

“It’s been three years since we debut[ed],” the caption reads. “And during these three years, we went through a lot, ups and downs. A lot of compliments, as well as a lot of different opinions. To be honest, sometimes when I was really stressed out, this question came up to my mind. ‘Is this what I wanted? Is it worth it?’ But it all ends with the same answer. I’m honored and I’m happy to be a singer, a performer, and an entertainer. It means everything to me. And with a lot of people supporting me, loving me, and watching me, I would never want to disappoint them. I will make you guys proud, I promise. Thank you so much.”

GOT7 first debuted on January 16, 2014, appearing on “M!Countdown” with their track “Girls Girls Girls.” To commemorate their third year together, the group broadcast a special midnight show on V Live, where they played games and sent out special messages to fans.

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