BTS, EXO, TWICE, And Many More Share Photos From Filming Of “2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships”

During the filming of this year’s first “Idol Star Athletics Championships” special, plenty of idols took to social media to share a glimpse of the events with fans!

MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships” is a sporting event in which idols go head-to-head in various competitions. The specials air twice a year, over both the Lunar New Year and Chuseok holidays, and the Lunar New Year special was filmed on January 16. The day’s filming included idols participating in track and field, archery, rhythmic gymnastics, and aerobics events.

Many of the groups who took part posted photos from the filming to their Twitter or Instagram accounts, and sent messages thanking the fans in attendance, showing the meals they’d prepared for and received from fans, wishing everyone a safe trip home, and more.

Check out many of the posts below!

AOA’s Jimin, Chanmi, ChoA, and Seolhyun used the group’s Twitter account to share photos from filming and express their thanks and love. After thanking fans for cheering them on and making good memories with them during the day, Jimin explained that her blurry photo was supposed to have been a selfie she tried to take with Chanmi.

ASTRO posted plenty of photos as they prepared for the filming and hung out between events! MJ didn’t compete in the games, but he did prepare a great placard to cheer on his fellow members.

B1A4’s Jinyoung posted a photo of himself to Instagram after the filming wrapped up, thanking fans and telling them to get home safe.

B.A.P’s Daehyun shared a photo to Instagram of himself imitating the support banner that had been designed by fans and put up in the stadium for the group.

BTS was active on Twitter throughout the day, with the first photos from filming shared by Rap Monster, who posted a bathroom selfie and a picture of himself in front of the group’s support banner from fans with the caption, “I met myself.”

V shared a photo with the caption, “It’s okay, [we] did better than in practice. If ARMY saw us working hard, then I’m satisfied.”

A few minutes later, a tweet was posted (possibly by V) that simply read, “I’m left-handed.”

Jimin then shared some adorable photos of himself and a sleeping Jungkook, before some photos were posted from the group’s shared camera.

The guys of BTS uploaded some more selfies, with one caption reading, “Today’s ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’ were really fun. Ah, fun.”

Rap Monster ended their personal photo spam with another selfie of himself, which included a caption in which he explained that he had taken part in the relay because the other members had strongly recommended it.

BTS’s official Twitter also shared two shots of the guys backstage, and wrote in the caption, “Check out the details of the events live in the Lunar New Year ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’ broadcast (haha).”

Cosmic Girls posted a photo of the whole group, asking fans if they liked the breakfast, lunch, and dinner they’d prepared for them, thanking them, and asking them to arrive home safe.

EXO’s Chanyeol posted photos from the day with the caption, “We’ll come to get the gold medal at Chuseok,” with the hashtag “I’m sorry.”

His group mate Sehun also posted photos of the crowd of fans and their banner, writing as the caption, “Thank you I’m sorry.”

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GFRIEND celebrated their second anniversary at the competition, and posted plenty of pictures from the games for fans. You can check them all out here!

Rookie girl group gugudan shared lots of photos to their Instagram in which they showed off the meals and snacks they’d prepared for fans in the crowd and the food they’d received from fans. “Spending the whole day together with gugudan, thank you and we love you,” they write.

Hello Venus gave fans some finger hearts and thanked them for coming out despite the cold weather through their posts on Twitter.

IMFACT’s Taeho also gifted fans with some cute selfies from filming.

The members of KNK uploaded some photos to Twitter both before and after taking part in the events.

LABOUM members posted photos from the event, with some extra selfies as a gift for their hard-working fans.

MADTOWN’s Jota and Heo Jun went to the “Idol Star Athletics Championships” as their group’s representatives, and shared a couple photos to Twitter, making sure to thank fans and say it was great to see them.

The guys of MONSTA X looked adorable in two photos with the meal they’d prepared for their fans, with Kihyun asking fans in the caption if they’d enjoyed their three meals that day.

NCT 127 members Johnny and Yuta represented their group at the event, and uploaded videos of themselves smiling and waving for fans to their official Instagram.

NU’EST member Minhyun looked cute in a selfie as he thanked fans for coming to the event in his caption.

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Red Velvet shared two sweet group shots from the event, and thanked their fans.

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SEVENTEEN hosted a V Live broadcast after filming! It has yet to be uploaded as a replay, but we’ll provide the link here when it’s available to be watched on the website.

SF9 uploaded photos to Twitter from their first time at “Idol Star Athletics Championships,” after celebrating their 100th day since debut a few days ago.

The group also shared photos of them celebrating their youngest member Chani’s birthday (which is on January 17) with a cake!

TWICE uploaded two photos of the group in front of their fans’ support banner, which reads “Don’t get hurt! ONCE will protect TWICE!” The members thank everyone in their caption and say they were very happy because of their fans.

UP10TION delighted fans with plenty of selfies on their official Twitter during the filming, and posed with the hamburgers they gave fans.

VICTON also celebrated their first ever “Idol Star Athletics Championships” appearance by sharing some cute selfies on Instagram.

VICTON’s label mate Jung Eun Ji of Apink shared a photo of the guys apparently cheering her on as she co-hosted the show, as well as photos of herself with the crowd and in the hosting booth with co-hosts Jun Hyun Moo and Lee Soo Geun.

Lastly, VIXX sent fans plenty of love and thanks through their own photos on Twitter!

Hongbin also wrote on his personal Twitter account, “Ha… I’ll have to get a medal from Overwatch or something.”

This season’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships” is due to air over the Lunar New Year holiday. Are you excited to watch the show?

Update: This article has been updated to include more photos!

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