Director Of “Saimdang, Light’s Diary” Hopes To Score Like “Descendants Of The Sun”

The main producing director of “Saimdang, Light’s Diary,” Yoon Sang Ho, revealed his thoughts about pre-producing the entire drama in the same way “Descendants of the Sun” was made.

“Many people had doubts about ‘Descendants of the Sun’ before it became a big hit. Personally, I think it’s really well-made, and I’m envious of the drama for being a positive precedent for pre-produced dramas,” he said.

He continued, “It’s good news for us though. I’d like our drama to do as well as ‘Descendants of the Sun’ did, and hopefully pre-produced dramas will not disappear from the Korean drama industry. But it’s hard to say how our drama will do compared to ‘Descendants of the Sun.'”

“Saimdang, Light’s Diary” is a fusion historical drama that reinterprets the life of Saimdang, a female artist from the Joseon era. It jumps back and forth from the present to the past as part-time teacher Seo Ji Yoon finds Saimdang’s diary by coincidence and journeys through time to reveal the secrets entwined with it.

“Saimdang, Light’s Diary” will air on January 26 as the follow-up for “The Legend of the Blue Sea.” Watch the trailer below!

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