Daebak’s Mother Lee Soo Jin Posts Message To Users Impersonating Her Family Online

On January 17, Lee Dong Gook’s wife Lee Soo Jin took to her personal Instagram to speak to users pretending to be members of their family online.

She uploaded a screenshot from the Korean social media application BAND. In the image, a user is seen impersonating Lee Soo Jin’s nine-year-old daughter Jae Si. The BAND account not only uses her name, but in the accompanying profile picture, an illustration of five children similar to the Lee siblings can be seen.

The fake Jae Si writes, “Thailand is so wonderful! It’s great that there are fortunately computers on the bottom floor of Thai hotels!” The message was created at a time when the real Lee family was visiting Thailand for the New Year’s holiday.

In her post, a shocked Lee Soo Jin comments, “Sometimes I hear about someone impersonating Jae Si on BAND, but I’m surprised this person actually exists. If Jae Si knew about this, she’d probably be terrified. Please stop fooling around like this.”

Meanwhile, Lee Dong Gook’s family remains a part of the active cast of KBS’s “The Return Of Superman.” Watch the latest episode below!

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