Hello Venus Talks About Being Pursued By Male Celebrities And More On “Tei’s Dreaming Radio”

Hello Venus’s Yooyoung recently opened up about filming with Park Bo Gum, and the members also talked about whether they have ever been pursued by a male celebrity.

On January 18, the Hello Venus members were guests on “Tei’s Dreaming Radio” to promote their new song “Mysterious.”

Hello Venus

During the broadcast, member Yooyoung talked about filming the 2013 drama “Wonderful Mama” with Park Bo Gum. She said, “At first, I actually heard that I look like him. Then in the last scene of the drama, we had a kiss scene and I felt my heart flutter for the first time.”

Member Nara, who is quickly rising as a CF queen, also talked about whether or not she has ever been pursued by a male celebrity. She answered yes, and Alice chimed in to say that Nara was once pursued by a male celebrity with a gentle voice.

Nara elaborated, saying, “I haven’t been pursued that frequently and I forget [about it] easily. The reason I forget is because the celebrities don’t contact me directly. I hear about it from the people around me instead.”

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