“Hwarang” Popularity Fires Up Interest In Webtoon

“Hwarang” recently logged a respectable 8.3 percent with its latest episode on January 17, a 1.6 percent increase from the previous episode. The drama’s high popularity appears to be spilling over to the webtoon as well.

Talking about the webtoon, its author Nimby expressed that he hopes to present to the youths of today a story that they can empathise easily with, by showing the similarities they share with the hwarang as they mature through life. It’s a moving story of youths as they experience friendship, love, and the passionate pursuit of freedom and beliefs.

Fans of the drama will be able to enjoy a different experience while reading the webtoon, as it contains episodes that were not included in the drama, as well as special stories that offer deeper insights into the pasts of the different characters.

The webtoon is serially published every Tuesday and Wednesday exclusively on Kakao Page. Read it here!

Meanwhile, the drama “Hwarang” airs every Monday and Tuesday. Catch up on the episodes below!

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