Tablo Shares Adorable Way Wife Kang Hye Jung Recognizes And Supports Epik High’s Songs

The term “couple goals” could be used to describe many, but Epik High’s Tablo and actress Kang Hye Jung is definitely a couple who lives up to this phrase time and time again.

In a Twitter post on January 19, the rapper posted a recent conversation he had with his wife, who appears to be lovingly saved as “Mine” in his contacts.

She wrote to him, “In the preview for a new SBS drama called ‘Defendant’ (main actor is Ji Sung), Epik High’s song came on. ‘Run away~ Run away~ (featuring [Nell’s] Kim Jong Wan).'”

Tablo hilariously commented, “Honey, you don’t know the song’s title, do you? It’s a song I worked so hard on though…”

“I know all [your] songs,” Kang Hye Jung quickly defended. Amused by her confident reply, Tablo let her know that “it’s ‘Amor Fati’,” referring to a b-side track from Epik High’s eighth studio album “Shoebox.” In response, the actress said, “Ah, that’s right!”

Looks like Tablo may have to start asking his wife for song title suggestions!