Ku Hye Sun Gives Insight Into Married Life

Ku Hye Sun mentioned her newlywed life with Ahn Jae Hyun in a V Live broadcast held at her personal exhibition called “dark YELLOW.”

During the V Live broadcast on January 19, she introduced the artwork at her exhibition and responded to fans’ messages congratulating her on her marriage.

When asked to pick one interesting moment in her newlywed life, she said, “Something new happens everyday so it’s hard to choose just one moment. I’m guessing my upcoming program ‘Newlywed Diary’ will be showing quite a few of those moments. Because it’s a variety show, I think a lot of the small, everyday events might be shown in an exaggerated way. We’re looking forward to watching it too.”

In reference to the trailer for “Newlywed Diary,” she added, “Married life isn’t always filled with joy, but it’s nice for the most part. It’s very different from living alone, and you also spend more time pondering over things. I don’t recommend getting married just because you have a fantasy about it, but it does have many positives.”

Are you looking forward to watching “Newlywed Diary”?

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