Song Ji Hyo Aces In Every Possible Way For “Song Ji Hyo’s Beauty View”

Song Ji Hyo is taking like fish to water for her new variety program JTBC2’s “Song Ji Hyo’s Beauty View”!

The program is a beauty guide that targets personal preferences and matches makeup tips to individual types. It’s a total change from “Running Man,” where the actress almost always greeted viewers with her bare face. Song Ji Hyo expressed during the episode that she had her reservations at first about hosting the program.

“I didn’t know I would become the MC of a beauty program,” she said. “[Fans say I’m wasting my good looks but] it’s not that I’m wasting them. Although I have the ambition and the interest [in makeup], my hands won’t follow along. They’re clumsy hands.” (Her exact words were actually “crap hands.”)

But it was precisely of her inexperience that viewers could relate to her more easily. As she was looking through the rose makeup products, she accidentally broke a lipstick. And after she finished putting on makeup for herself, a model praised her on her blusher, but it turned out to be her natural skin color.

Song Ji Hyo may be clumsy with makeup, but as an MC, she passed with flying colors. Not only did she match well with fellow MC Gong Myung, she also took good care of ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo and Moonbin, and kept up a cheerful atmosphere throughout the recording. She even made sure to relieve the nervousness of the models (who are non-celebrities) by calling out to them pleasantly and giving them high-fives.

Song Ji Hyo explained, “I wanted to give everyone courage. If I do that, then everyone can do it too.”

The makeup novice also unleashed her hidden potential when she succeeded at the rose makeup challenge three days after the recording. Although she had been taking lessons from the makeup experts, they were still amazed by the huge leap in improvement. Her gorgeous transformation also stunned the viewers.

No more clumsy hands, this is Song Ji Hyo, the ace MC of “Song Ji Hyo’s Beauty View.”

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