BTS's Jin Regales

On a recent episode of “Law of the Jungle,” the cast had to spend a full night on a floating raft in the middle of the sea in Kota Manado, Indonesia.

As morning arrived, the cast began waking up one by one. While they were sitting around, still half-asleep, Jin suddenly asked, “Do you like dad jokes?”

Yoon Da Hoon replied that he likes all jokes, to which Jin said, “I’ll tell you jokes about a land animal, the cow. Do you know what it means if a cow goes up the stairs?”

None of the members could guess the right answer, so Jin happily announced, “It’s goosebumps!” The Korean word for “goosebumps” is “so-reum,” which sounds similar to “so-oreum,” the Korean phrase for “a cow going up.”

Getting excited, he asked again, “How does a cow laugh?”

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Again, the members couldn’t get it right, so Jin revealed the answer by laughing “Ooh-hahahaha!” The other Korean word for “cow” is “woo.

In the following episode, he also caught Kim Byung Man off-guard when he suddenly asked, “What do you call a child of God?” Right before this, he had likened Kim Byung Man to a child of God, in praise of his superb jungle survival skills.

Wondering out loud, Kim Byung Man said, “Gat… (the Korean pronunciation of ‘God.’)”

Jin immediately followed up with the answer, “a newborn baby.” The Korean word for “newborn” is “gat-nan,” which could also be taken to mean “born from God.”

Jin might have been the one most amused by his own jokes, but it was also thanks to his jokes that the mood during filming was always cheerful and lively.

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