Kim Heechul Accidentally Reveals A Bit Too Much About An Ex-Girlfriend On

On the January 21 episode of Channel A’s “Singderella,” while talking about his attitude towards love, Kim Heechul inadvertently revealed that he had appeared in a broadcast with an ex-girlfriend before.

The topic of breakups popped up from time to time throughout the episode, and the cast was understandably curious about Kim Heechul’s experiences. True to his personality, Kim Heechul said that he has never once tried to persuade his girlfriend to stay when she initiated a breakup.

“[I’m the type where] if she says she wants to break up, I’ll just reply, ‘Well, nothing can be done about it, bye,'” he said. “The process of asking ‘Why do you want to break up,’ ‘What is the reason,’ or ‘Please consider it again’ is too tiring.”

Later, to the surprise of the cast, Kim Heechul revealed that he has never once initiated a breakup.

“My girlfriend would say, ‘Let’s break up. Do you love me?’ I would reply, ‘I like you, but I don’t know [if I love you.]’ We would then break up, but they would always contact me again later saying, ‘It was good when we dated.'”

He explained, “[It’s because] when I have a girlfriend, I don’t contact other girls at all. I can’t even take care of my own girlfriend, of course I wouldn’t be interested in other girls. I uphold this strictly. That’s why even if I meet an ex-girlfriend at a broadcasting station, we can still do the broadcast together well.”

Lee Soo Geun and Kangnam immediately pounced on this tidbit, repeatedly asking, “Who was it? So who was it?” But Kim Heechul smoothly wriggled himself out of trouble.

Who do you think it is?

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