Jung Joon Young Has A Sweet Message For His Fans Who Waited For Him

Singer Jung Joon Young wants his fans to know that he is happy and doing well!

Jung Joon Young was interviewed by Ceci magazine for their February edition and spoke about his return to the entertainment industry, after a brief hiatus. He recently made a welcomed return to “2 Days & 1 Night” and is also looking ahead to his new solo album as well as solo concert.

Jung Joon Young

He said, “For almost two months, I spent time in Paris, making music and enjoying my freedom. Before I went to Paris, I only knew one person there but now I know about thirty.”

The singer continued, “I’m happy and doing well these days. It is not important to me that I went through hard time. I just felt apologetic to my family, fans, and those around me.”

Expressing his gratitude to his fans, he said, “My fans couldn’t see me for several months, not knowing how I was doing or what I was thinking. I’m especially sorry because of that. I’m happy now. I want them to know that they do not need to worry about me.”

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