Watch: Ga In And Jeff Bernat Sing For Another Night In New Duet Track “Pray”

The duet track between the talented singers of Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In and Filipino-American singer Jeff Bernat has been released!

The music video, which doesn’t feature the two singers, shows a cute relationship that blossoms between a girl and a boy who visits the store where she works. The lyrics sing of longing for more conversations between a couple and Ga In and Jeff Bernat’s voices harmonize perfectly together in the smooth pop ballad.

Jeff Bernat is an R&B artist is popular in South Korea, participating in OSTs for dramas, such as “Fated to Love You,” as well as participating in multiple concerts in the country while Ga In is said to be preparing for the second part of her album series called “Begin Again,” following the release of “End Again” in September of 2015.

Check out the sweet duet here below!