Suzy Shares Her Thoughts On The Success Of Her Solo Debut Pre-Release Single

On January 21, miss A’s Suzy held a Naver V Live broadcast to commemorate the success of her pre-release single, “Pretend,” off of her upcoming solo debut!


During the broadcast, she said, “I was really happy. Because it’s my first solo album, there were a lot of things that stressed me out. The choreography, the recording, and the music video editing all needed a lot of work. There were lots of hard times but I enjoyed the process.”

She added, “I thought for a long time on what kind of direction I wanted to go in. It took a long time to decide on the title track as well.”

Suzy will release her first solo mini-album “Yes? No?” on January 24. Recently her pre-release song “Pretend” swept the music charts, building momentum for her upcoming title track “Yes No Maybe.”

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