Watch: Cosmic Girls’ Dayoung, Eunseo, And Yeoreum Dance To EXO’s “Monster” And Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”

Cosmic Girls’ Dayoung, Eunseo, and Yeoreum showed off their dance skills on January 21’s episode of JTBC’s “Ask Me Anything.”

The girls started out by dancing to EXO’s “Monster.” They gave it their all for the high energy choreography.

cosmic girls Dayoung Eunseo Yeoreum

During the performance, Dayoung’s shoe fell off, but like a pro, she quickly took off the other one and continued to dance.

cosmic girls Dayoung Eunseo Yeoreum heechul

The song transitioned into Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” and the Cosmic Girls members brought out Super Junior’s Kim Heechul to dance with them, front and center. Although he seemed a little flustered, Kim Heechul proved himself as a Super Junior member as he naturally nailed the dance moves.

Once it was over, Seo Jang Hoon asked Kim Heechul, “Why’d your ears get red from dancing to your own song?”

While laughing, Kim Heechul said, “I only appear from behind for 4 seconds [in ‘Sorry Sorry’]!”

Watch Dayoung, Eunseo, and Yeoreum’s performance featuring Kim Heechul below!

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