Lee Byung Hun, Gong Hyo Jin And Ahn Sohee Share What They Treasure The Most In Their Lives

The three actors of the upcoming movie “Single Rider” open up about what they view as the most precious in their lives, but it wasn’t without some friendly teasing from each other!

On January 22, MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay” featured an interview with Lee Byung Hun, Gong Hyo Jin and Ahn Sohee.

The three actors were asked, “What is the one thing that you must never lose in your life?,” which was a phrase from the film itself.

Lee Byung Hun

Lee Byung Hun answered, “My character in the movie thought of family and it is the same for me as well. It’s family.”

When Gong Hyo Jin is posed with the same question, Lee Byung Hun interjected jokingly, saying, “It’s diamonds, diamonds!” Gong Hyo Jin played along and said, “My wallet.”

Ahn Sohee

Lastly, Sohee answered in a roundabout way, saying, “My character in the film went on a vacation with money that she had worked hard and saved for the past two years,” to which Gong Hyo Jin joked, “She’s saying that it’s money.”

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