“Hwarang” Shares Stills Of Tender Scene Between Park Seo Joon And Go Ara

On January 22, KBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Hwarang” released new preview stills of Park Seo Joon and Go Ara. This is their first scene together since their first kiss, so these pictures are making the viewers even more curious of the plot line.

In the photos, Sun Woo (Park Seo Joon) is staying by Aro’s side (Go Ara) as she sleeps. His touch is very careful since he does not want to wake her up. Thankfully, Aro seems sound asleep and is not aware of Sun Woo’s presence. In this scene, there seems to be a loving atmosphere surrounding the two characters.


Sun Woo’s gaze towards Aro especially catches the audiences’ attention. Feelings of fondness and confusion can be seen in his eyes. The actor received praise for his mellow scenes after the recent episode, so his gaze is making fans anticipate the upcoming episode even more.

To see how Sun Woo faces Aro as a man after his first kiss with her, watch the upcoming episode of “Hwarang,” which will air on January 23 at 10 p.m. KST.

Watch “Hwarang” from the beginning below!

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