Go Ji Young’s Son Seungjae Has An Adventurous Time At An Animal Farm

On the recent episode of “The Return of Superman” on January 22, Go Ji Young’s son Seungjae went to an animal farm dressed as a cute bunny.

As soon as he arrived on the farm, he ran to the rabbits. Seungjae seemed amazed that the rabbits were eating so well, and perfectly said the sentence, “The rabbits said what Seungjae gave them was good.”

The Return of Superman Seungjae 2

Seungjae even began imitating the animals and had a blast on the farm. His warm heart wouldn’t let any animal pass without being fed. When his dad hurried him to visit somewhere else, Seungjae didn’t fuss and went along with him right away.

When he came back to his dorm, Go Ji Young suggested washing his hair and Seungjae tried to get away from him. The child even tried asking the cameramen for help, but no one answered. When Seungjae touched his dirty butt with his hands and then touched his hair, Go Ji Young’s decision to wash his hair became firm.

The Return of Superman Seungjae 3

Go Ji Young asked, “Seungjae, you pooped, right? But how can you touch your butt and then touch your hair?” and calmly started convincing the child. After understanding his father, Seungjae entered the bathroom himself.

Go Ji Young’s second challenge began when he was trying to dress Seungjae. After showering, Seungjae refused to put on some clothes. Even when he was told that he may catch a cold, he replied, “I’m not cold.”

The Return of Superman Seungjae 4

When the child realized there was no way of escaping the situation, he asked his dad, “Can you catch a fly for me if I put this on?” A fly that was inside seemed to have irritated Seungjae for a while. Go Ji Young said that he would, and Seungjae said, “Please catch the fly for me,” after quickly putting on his clothes.

Watch Seungjae’s adventurous day below!

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