Update: MASC Shares Heejae’s Individual Teaser Video For Comeback With “Tina”

Updated January 27 KST:

Heejae’s individual teaser video for MASC’s return with “Tina” has now been released!

Updated January 26 KST:

ACE is the latest MASC member to star in a teaser video for their upcoming music video “Tina”!

Updated January 25 KST:

MASC has given us all a second look at their upcoming music video with an individual teaser for member 26!

Updated January 24 KST:

MASC has now shared a teaser video for member Woosoo for their comeback.


MASC is returning with a comeback!

On January 23, the group released the teasers on their official social media account and also released the title of their comeback single “Tina.”

The released group and individual teaser images show the members dressed in edgy outfits along with colorful hairstyles.

MASC’s “Tina” is set to release in February 4 at midnight KST.

Check out the teaser images below!






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