YMC Entertainment Preparing To Close I.O.I’s Official Fan Cafe

Temporary girl group I.O.I’s official fan cafe is about to shut down.

On January 23, YMC Entertainment wrote on the group’s fan cafe, “For a while, we had been discussing whether or not to have this fan cafe continue to exist. In the end, we have decided to close it down.”

According to the statement, YMC Entertainment can only legally run the group’s official channel until January 31. While they did consider transferring the fan cafe to someone else, they felt that that would potentially result in the members’ personal information getting into the wrong hands. Additionally, the entire concept of the fan cafe could be altered to suit the new owner’s personal interests above those of I.O.I’s fans.

They then thanked the channel’s dedicated fans for the time they spent using the cafe, asking them to continue “cheering for I.O.I as they move onto other activities.”

I.O.I concluded their activities as a group on January 22 with a final concert at Seoul’s Jangchung Gymnasium.

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