Lee Je Hoon Says He Has Wanted To Work With Shin Min Ah For 10 Years

Working on “Tomorrow With You” is a dream come true for Lee Je Hoon!

During a press conference for the upcoming drama, the star talked about working on his first romantic role since the 2012 film “Architecture 101.”

“When I met with the drama’s director Yoo Jae Won, I was attracted to the idea of a time travel romance,” he began. “And when I heard Shin Min Ah would be the female lead, I didn’t have many worries about it. If I had the opportunity to work with her, I knew my first romantic-comedy would be a fun one.”

It was then that the actor revealed that he had actually been a longtime fan of his co-star’s work.

“I had always really wanted to work on a drama with Shin Min Ah. Maybe for ten years,” he confessed. “It’s hilarious that it actually ended up happening.”

In the drama, Lee Je Hoon plays the role of Yoo So Joon, a real estate CEO with the ability to travel through time.

When he was asked where he would travel if he had his own time machine, the actor commented that he would like to be able to visit the future.

“I wonder what life would look like. I wonder what kind of people I would meet. I’d also really want to see me in love. It would be exciting if I had kids,” he added thoughtfully.

Tomorrow With You” premieres on February 3.

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