SF9 Announces Upcoming Release Of 1st Mini Album

SF9 will soon be making a comeback!

On January 23, the FNC Entertainment boy group SF9 hosted a live show on Naver’s V Live, and when the clock struck midnight, they personally announced their upcoming return to fans. At the same time, a teaser poster was released via Twitter for their comeback.

According to the poster, SF9 will be releasing their first mini album “Burning Sensation” on February 6, which appears to feature the title track “Roar.” First, we can look forward to something being released on January 25 at midnight KST entitled “The Process of Burning Sensation,” which may be a pre-release track, a making-of video, teaser photos, or something else entirely!

SF9 made their debut on October 5 of 2016 with their first single album “Feeling Sensation,” featuring the title track “Fanfare.”

Are you excited for SF9’s comeback?