Watch: Super Junior's Leeteuk Says His Past Made Him Stronger

Super Junior’s Leeteuk has some powerful words of encouragement for young people (and anyone else who needs it).

The singer recently appeared as a guest on the January 22 episode of JTBC’s “Kim Jae Dong’s Talk To You,” where he shared his thoughts on the topic of the day– spoons.

He said, “When I see spoons, I think that I have to live fully. Even if things get hard and I get exhausted, I think [to myself] that a spoon of rice can become different with a side dish, so I live life to the fullest.”

After the guest speaker’s talk on wooden spoons and golden spoons, Leeteuk also shared his own story, saying, “To be honest, as a celebrity, I am often under the spotlight, and some people might think that I was born with a golden spoon. Looking back at my middle school and high school days, I wonder if I had been born with a crap spoon (literal translation).”

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“My family conditions were not that good. I have been the breadwinner for 13 years since debut. When I was young, I resented my parents a lot, thinking, ‘Why could I not have been born to a richer or happier family?’ But as time passed, when I look back and think about it, it was that kind of situation that made me the strong person I am today.”

He continued, “When we read books or biographies of great people, [we see that] none of them are from rich or happy families. It’s always people who encounter hardships that create a new era and become heroes. [Because of this,] I have hope that I too can become a small hero, and so, to our university students and high school students who are struggling, it would be great if you become small heroes too.”

You can watch the segment of the episode below:

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