Jessi Expresses Struggles With Promotions And Thanks Fans

Jessi is one independent woman!

On January 23, the rapper took to her personal Instagram to offer appreciation to everyone who has been supporting her along the way.

In the image, which appears to be taken from a photo shoot, shows an introspective Jessi sitting at a vanity table. The caption in the post reads, “Thank god for my fans and friends for supporting me. Independent for life.”

Through hashtags, Jessi makes a veiled reference to what she went through to get to where she is today. Among them are hashtags like “On my own,” “Laugh now, cry later,” and “Don’t cry,” a reference to her latest single.

The image was uploaded a day after the music video for “Don’t Cry” was released.

Meanwhile, it has been rumored that Jessi will also be releasing a new album later this year.