Indie Band Rocoberry Talks About Composing Tracks For “Goblin” OST

In a recent interview, Rocoberry talked about their contributions to several “Goblin” OST tracks.

Rocoberry is a musical duo that consists of members Roco (vocalist, lyricist) and Conan (chorus, composer, lyricist). Since their debut in 2014, the team has written several OST songs such as “Everytime” from “Descendants of the Sun,” and “Love Is Like Snow” from “Pinocchio.”

They contributed to the “Goblin” OST by writing Ailee’s “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow,” Soyou’s “I Miss You,” and the theme song, “Stay With Me,” sung by EXO’s Chanyeol and Punch.

When asked how they felt about writing the theme song for “Goblin,” member Conan playfully responded, “We didn’t expect it to become so well-received. Because it received more love than we expected, our feelings of pride and gratification have doubled.”

He went on to credit the entire team for the OST’s success: “Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook’s script blended well with the cast’s acting, so I think our music followed suit and found the light. Since the beginning, the ‘Goblin’ team was worth trusting. It was a dream team.”

Later on, Conan revealed that out of the three songs he wrote for the drama, he feels most attached to “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow.”

“The production team asked for a song that conveys suffering and beauty concurrently,” Conan said. “I repeatedly thought over how to express the strange feeling of beautiful sadness. During that period, it was to the point where 12 songs were rejected. After the song was finally chosen, it went through seven modifications.”

He also commended Ailee‘s hard work by saying, “During the recording process, Ailee’s health wasn’t in the best condition. However, she persevered and sang for us until the end. I’m very thankful towards her.”

Lastly, Conan revealed how he reacted to the last scene of “Goblin,” as it played one of his songs.

“I cried because I was so touched by Kim Go Eun‘s acting,” he said while laughing.

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