Suzy Happily Discusses Possible First Place Promises

Would you like to receive a free hug from Suzy?

Right before her music video for her title track “Yes No Maybe” dropped at midnight, the singer held a live broadcast through Naver’s V Live on January 23.

While Suzy was reading out comments people were leaving, one fan brought up the topic of first place promises and revealed that the fans agreed to go out to eat together. Happy just thinking about the possibility of winning first place on a music show, Suzy explained, “What wouldn’t I be able to do if I won first place? I would do anything.”


The idol was open to suggestions and while looking at some of the comments, she said, “I like the idea of free hugs. If I stay [still], then do people come to me?”

She also promised to reveal “a barrage of selfies to the point it crashes the server,” and was open to the idea of holding a fan meeting as well. “If I think of something better, I’ll make sure to do it,” she stated.

What kind of first place promise would you like to see from Suzy?

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