Jang Nara, 2PM’s Chansung, And More Gather For First Table Reading Of Upcoming Detective Drama

Upcoming drama “Housewife Detective” (tentative title) has revealed photos from its first table reading!

Actress Jang Nara will be acting as a mother for the first time in a Korean drama, while 2PM’s Chansung will be acting alongside her as a fellow detective.

The table reading included actors Jang Nara, Hwang Chansung, Jo Hyun Jae, Hong Soo Ah, Lee Min Ho, Kim Ki Do, and many more.

Jang Nara will be playing Myung Yoo Jin, a single mother who is the assistant detective of Chansung’s character Detective Hee Joon. As Myung Yoo Jin has to balance taking care of a child and being a detective at the same time, many viewers are curious to see how the story will unfold.

Meanwhile, “Housewife Detective” will be a 100 percent pre-produced drama and is planned to air domestically and in foreign countries at the same time. The drama will start filming during the first half of 2017.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming drama?

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