Red Velvet’s Joy Confesses She’s Worried And Nervous About Her First Drama

Red Velvet’s Joy recently opened up about her first acting role in a drama.

Red Velvet held their “VICTORY ep. 5 Red Velvet Timeout” broadcast on Naver’s V App on January 24.

Red Velvet

On this day, the members of Red Velvet discussed Joy’s upcoming role in tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “She Loves Lies” (working title).

Wendy asked Joy how she felt about her first drama, and she said, “I’m very nervous. To be honest, I’m very scared and worried because it’s my first role. I’m doing my best, so I hope everyone likes it.”

Red Velvet Joy

Hearing this, Seulgi offered words of support as she said, “When she had to cut her hair, she was really conflicted about it before she just went ahead and did it. It’s been getting a good response, and I think it looks pretty. I know she’ll do well.”

Are you excited to see Joy in her first acting role?

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