Leeteuk Gets Real About Living Alone And Inviting Super Junior Members Over

Super Junior’s Leeteuk is someone we could all learn from (when living alone)!

During his appearance on the January 24 episode of KBS2’s “1 vs. 100,” the idol leader revealed what it was like having his own apartment after sharing a dorm with his fellow members for almost 10 years.

Leeteuk has been living on his own for about two years now, and talked about how he originally thought he would be really lonely and have a hard time. “However, I ended up being reminded about how ‘I’m really good at housework’ instead,” he hilariously said.

Going into detail about some of the things he does around his home, Leeteuk explained, “I’m particularly good at laundry. I only have seven or eight pairs of underwear at a time because if I have too many, I could get lazy about doing laundry at least once a week.” He also discussed his multi-step floor cleaning process, and how he always makes sure that there’s no stray strands of hair on his bed.

The MC questioned if the Super Junior members had visited his impeccably clean apartment yet. The idol semi-jokingly replied, “I haven’t invited them over yet because I’m scared they’ll mess it up. I plan to invite them one by one, instead of all together. I’ll first invite Donghae, when he is discharged from the army, since he’s clean. As for the last person, I’ll probably invite Eunhyuk at the very end because his feet are smelly.”

You can definitely always tell how close Super Junior is by how much they tease each other, even during solo appearances!

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