7 Reasons You Should Watch “Hwarang”

If you haven’t already dedicated your first few days of the week to watching “Hwarang,” then let us convince you to! From conniving moms to innocent girls falling in love to men who just want to live their lives but are coerced into sparring, the characters of this show keep it exciting and thrilling every week. Here are couple of reasons to check it out if you’re not completely sold just yet.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead

1. The eye candy

This one is a given! Who can resist this all-star lineup? We have three idols, established actors and actresses, and newcomers who all mesmerize in different ways!

2. V’s debut

I know all the ARMYs out there have been waiting for this, myself included, and have not been disappointed. His screen time is slowly rising, and his story is also starting to unfold.

3. Pa Oh’s silly antics

Who is this guy kidding when he says he is 22? He seems to be the king’s oldest companion and we are excited to see how he will continue his loyalty to the king.

4. Ah Ro and Soo Yeon’s friendship

While the story is about the young men of Silla, Ah Ro (Go Ara) and Soo Yeon (Lee Da In) are one of few women in the show and they definitely hold their ground. It’s also always a hoot watching them exchange advice on dealing with boys.

5. The budding love line between Ban Ryu and Soo Yeon

One of those boys that they are “dealing” with is of course the abrasive Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han). Do you all think Soo Ho’s line “I feel bad for whoever becomes your wife” means something?

6. The truth behind Dog-Bird

Who is he really? Does he have family? They have already dropped a few hints that he may not just be an outsider who got looped into all this and is being used very intentionally by other people.

7. Friend or Foe?

The whole show has got you questioning what the relationship between people are. Do Sam Maek Jong (Park Hyung Sik) and Sun Woo (Park Seo Joon) hate each other or are we supposed to encourage their bromance? Same with Soo Ho (Choi Minho) and Ban Ryu! Not to mention, what will happen when these characters figure out that the generation above them are scheming and using their sons as pawns?

Watch “Hwarang”:

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