Yook Sungjae Teaches Boyfriend’s Youngmin And Kwangmin How To Snowboard On “Celebrity Bromance”

On the fourth episode of “Celebrity Bromance,” BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and Boyfriend’s Youngmin and Kwangmin visited a snowboarding resort in Pyeongchang.

They selected the easiest course for Youngmin and Kwangmin, as they were new to snowboarding. On the other hand, Yook Sungjae had lots of experience and ended up becoming their teacher for the day.

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The twins had a hard time from the beginning, struggling with their snowboards as they tried to put their boots into the binding. Yook Sungjae reacted, “My blood pressure is rising,” but he carefully showed his friends how to put on the snowboard and demonstrated how to ride it.

“It looks like Sungjae won’t have any time to have fun,” commented Youngmin and Kwangmin as they watched Yook Sungjae passionately teach them how to snowboard.

celebrity bromance

A while later, because the twins kept falling over, Yook Sungjae expressed his frustration, saying, “Look at how I do it, you idiots. You guys look like sticks.”

Though it took some time, Youngmin and Kwangmin were somewhat able to enjoy their time snowboarding thanks to Yook Sungjae’s efforts. After a long day of snowboarding, Kwangmin asked, “Wasn’t I pretty good though?” to which Yook Sungjae joked, “Honestly you were terrible, and Youngmin looked like a four-legged animal on a snowboard.”

Watch the full episode here!

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