Watch: Shinhwa Wows With Double Speed Performance Of “Wild Eyes” On “Weekly Idol”

Shinhwa has taken on the double speed dance challenge on “Weekly Idol”!

The guys appeared as guests for the second week in a row on MBC every1’s popular variety show “Weekly Idol.” They impressed hosts Defconn and Jung Hyung Don by pulling off a double-time version of the iconic chair dance for their 2001 hit “Wild Eyes”!

Although they got a bit tired out in the second half, the hosts kept cheering them on and the members definitely earned their respect.

Shinhwa was totally wiped out after their performance, and grabbed their cans of oxygen once again to recover. Eric had previously joked about being able to perform a song at four times the speed, so Defconn asked him if he thought that was possible.

Instead of replying, Eric cracked everyone up by just saying, “My hand is shaking,” while looking down at his trembling hand holding the can of oxygen.

The guys rallied and attempted to perform a super fast version of “T.O.P” at four times the speed, but soon realized it wasn’t going to be possible!

Watch Shinhwa perform “Wild Eyes” at twice the speed below!