Ji Sung is breaking new ground with his portrayal of a successful prosecutor framed with the murder of his wife and daughter.

In the second episode of SBS’s “Defendant,” which was aired on January 24, the search for pieces of the puzzle began in earnest, as Park Jung Woo (Ji Sung) realised what had happened and began to focus entirely on the case. The full story of the tragic events that had occurred, including the bad blood between Park Jung Woo and Cha Min Ho (Uhm Ki Joon), and Park Jung Woo’s missing four months, is beginning to unravel bit by bit.

Ji Sung’s portrayal of Park Jung Woo thrown into chaos as he was forced to face his shocking present was so realistic that the audience had goosebumps. Special mention goes to the scene where Park Jung Woo, tormented by amnesia and the fact that he had committed a gruesome crime, let out a scream of such utter desperation that viewers were brought to tears.

ji sung

It’s not just the viewers, even the staff themselves were full of praise for Ji Sung’s acting.

A source from the production team said, “Don’t we feel frustrated when we can’t even remember things that happened yesterday? But Jung Woo lost four months of his memory, and was even put on death row for murdering his beloved wife and daughter. One could hardly guess how horrible and agonized he must feel. Despite having to express those emotions based entirely on his own imagination, Ji Sung still portrayed Park Jung Woo so realistically that the audience could easily empathise with him.”

They continued, “He must have worked extremely hard for this production. I never fail to marvel at his hard work. Ji Sung is an actor who pushes the limits.”

It’s great to see that Ji Sung’s efforts are paying off, especially with the high ratings of its previous episode. And with the major twist at the end of Episode Two, it is quite likely that “Defendant” will continue to defend its high viewership ratings.

“Defendant” airs every Monday and Tuesday. Watch it on Viki!


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