Watch: Shinhwa Doesn't Hold Back When Reenacting Eric's Famous Drama Scenes In Their Own Unique Ways

Shinhwa isn’t just close; they’re really, really close.

During the January 25 episode of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” the group was faced with various missions in order to win gifts from each other through the “Show Me Your Card” game.

When it was time to “Show Eric’s Card,” the other members were tasked with reenacting popular scenes from some of Eric‘s most memorable dramas, specifically “Oh Hae Young Again” and “Phoenix.”

Before they began, Eric laid down his guidelines for judging. “I will look for sincerity. If I see tears starting to well up, then I will award extra points. You can even speak in a dialect. You just have to touch my heart,” he explained.

Infamous for his not-so-great acting, Shin Hye Sung was the first to go after losing a round of rock-paper-scissors. He acted out a scene from “Oh Hae Young Again” with Jun Jin, and received unexpected praise from Eric.

Shin Hye Sung wasn’t quite done yet, as Lee Min Woo then chose him as his partner when it was his turn. While his partner lied down on the ground acting sick, Lee Min Woo pretended to “barge in” with over-the-top actions, before loudly shouting his lines in a dialect. As he became immersed, he ended his turn with a cue from Eric, “Ask ‘her,’ ‘What is my name?'” Following directions perfectly, Lee Min Woo shouted out the line, with a standard, Jeolla Province dialect.

Next up was Jun Jin, who acted out the same exact scene from “Oh Hae Young Again,” with Lee Min Woo as his partner. As if the dialect wasn’t humorous enough, Jun Jin boldly recited his lines in “Chinese,” before they all bursted out into laughter. He continued on after a brief pause with a kiss to Lee Min Woo’s cheek, and another “Chinese” line.

Kim Dong Wan was the last up, and he promised to show “actual” acting. Selecting Shin Hye Sung as his partner, he brings back a blast from the past, and begins to act out a scene from the 2004 drama “Phoenix.” He recited one of the most famous (and cheesy) lines, “Do you know why the Korean War happened?”

All of a sudden, Kim Dong Wan dipped his fellow member into a kiss, and actually seemed to peck him on the lips. While the MCs were surprised, the other members just laughed. To no one’s surprise, the scene ended right there as Shin Hye Sung began to jokingly chase Kim Dong Wan with a chair in anger.

Watch a part of this hilarious game below, and also check out their attempt at performing “Wild Eyes” at double-speed here!

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